Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

07 August 2011


Tell me what is it
You asked for an editor 
to write for your six-stars cruise
From Rome to Barcelona
To bring out the brand experience
to the world 
For Greater China goldmine

This was in my goal list
Gotta happen
Whatever my mind could conceive them
I will achieve them

For such a big mission
You should be connecting with me
An editor 
would not be hands on enough
to take on this role
I am a Brand Ambassador
I will give you more

Tell me what is it
My dream comes true

Surrounded by Mediterranean Sea
Suddenly clarity zoom in
That's it
I love what I see
I love what I experience
Now I realize
What is lifestyle all about
Cruising Into The Future
That's it

In return 
I keep your passion alive
I make your dream comes true

There is our story
Let's make it sustaining

When you know the why
you will know all the how

Hurry and yet not hurry 
There is a timing for everything
Let's make it timely

When you are shown the way
you will know all the doors key

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