Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

19 August 2011

Facebook & A Grown Up Man

This message is dedicated to Dato Sam
From Auntie 

I am sorry if this comes a bit late
Normally I am not a fan of Facebook
My impression was 
A few images
A short sentences
Like Like Like
What is it to do with my life
Maybe I am not that sociable in this space
That is why 
I am not that active 
My time is my time
Yes I admit 
I am so selfish until today

I am in because
many youngsters of my family are here
I've been away from home for long
I need to find a way 
to be in your world
I love and care

I am sorry if this comes a bit late
I did not know you are so alone
Your world is cracking down
Only wish a place to pour out
When the world has no place for you
You find a little home sweet home
and make yourself far from reach

Yesterday's chat for the first time
Essentially to bridge all the walls
with good intention
The generation wall
The communication wall
The family wall
suddenly we found the keys
to wrack all the walls
Just like in the new apps game

You open up to me 
a new world in your little boy's heart
into a young man's world
I am grateful for your trust
this aunty loves you

Down down down 
For more than three and half decades
You have showed the world
Your darkest side of spirit
Your darkest side of work
Your darkest side of love
Your darkest side of life
When you believe 
The world has no place for you
The family keep nagging you
The parents love is so distant
The siblings have their own love
Leaving you a lonely heart
Many girls
Not a close soul

But I believe
You see life with different perspective
You have done all the extreme 
Only for attention and love
When this behavior is carried on 
for more than 30 years
You now realize
It's time to change the life paradigm
so that you could experience
love and life
in a new way
Then you are confident 
to choose from here
You have no guide
My heart is pain
this aunty loves you

Many times
I reminded you to love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love yourself
To love...
Until you told me
Your tears came up chatting with me
You hated me with light heart
I could understand 
A strong man with no tear
is the way you were brought up 
and the dark community you were in
No Bloods
No Tears
Is that so?
What a world you were in!!!

Let it out 
Catch my hand in your heart
Let this auntie show you 
back to the right path
Because I believe in you
You have tons of talents
awaiting to be unleashed
Your future is bright
as many love awaiting for you

Your promise
to love yourself
wrapped up the chat
You are such a good boy
I see the man in you today

Your auntie has traveled much
learning about herself
for love 
for life
for light
Let me be your guide
this auntie loves you

Love yourself
Love yourself
Love yourself
Love yourself
Love yourself 
Love yourself
Remember my words
You know the answer
For your next step

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