Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

10 August 2011


I wanna look at you
right in the eyes
What colour are you
How powerful are you
Sometimes I lose you

I wanna feel you
deep in my body
What pain you heal
How strong are you
Sometimes you disappear

I love you
Each time we meet
I want you more
You are stronger
You are bolder
Invite no fear

Allow me to serve you
Allow me to open up to you
Allow me to fly with you
Allow me to love you
Allow me to celebrate with you
Allow me to come close to you
Allow me to grow you
Invite no fear

With you 
I will conquer the world
To believe in myself
To believe in my dream
To believe in my life's work
To believe in my next move
To believe in serving the higher purpose
And believe in you

With you
Fear loses colour
Fear loses power

I love you
The world becomes
so much more beautiful
Because of you

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