Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

13 August 2011

Blue Romance

Crystal Cruise

Cruising in Barcelona

Cruising in Venice

In the center of Mediterranean Sea

Blue Romance

Crystal is your name
You are such a gift
I was brought to you
In the center of deep Mediterranean Sea
It was a Blue Romance
And love at the first sight
You pampered me with love and passion
all day and night
All the way from romantic Rome to exotic Barcelona last Fall
How could I not remembering

Crystal Cruise
You make my dream comes true
You are anyone in a lifetime could ever possibly ask for
The finest of all ~
Highest enjoyment
Highest entertainment
Highest enlightenment
Highest attainment of life

It's a Blue Romance
Thank you so much for this intimate journey
You brought clarity in my life
In the center of deep Mediterranean Sea
Now I want it more

Call it courage
Call it risk it all
Call it love
Call it worthy goal
It's a long journey
Finally I found something worthy of me
I am not going to let you go

I give it all
I let go all
Just to be
in the blue romance with you once more
Call it soul
Call it spirit
I am destined to be with you once more

You renew my spirit
You renew my soul
I will rekindle our love and passion
In beautiful September this Fall
In exciting Istanbul to amazing Venice
In the center of deep Mediterranean Sea once more
Only Blue Romance
I dream of you

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