Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 August 2011

Emotional Vitality

A company
is only
as alive as its people
The vitality of the product
of a company
and what it sells ~
its 'commodity'
always reflects
the emotional vitality
of its people

The emotional vitality
of a company's people
is always
a function
of the emotional vitality
of the founder/CEO
of that company

The fish stinks
from the head down
It tells
where one should
look for failure
of a company to thrive

Adventurous CEOs
create adventurous companies
Fearful CEOs
create fearful companies
Think Big CEOs
create Think Big companies
Warrior CEOs
create warrior companies
Dishonest CEOs
create dishonest companies
What goes around
comes around

If you do not have integrity
nothing else matters

If you want to understand Steve Jobs
look no further than Apple
If you want to understand Howard Schultz
take a good look at Starbucks
What is great about these CEOs
is what is great about their companies
and vice versa

It's of value
to look for origins
where things begin to go off
or on track
Every single thing
Every event
Every condition
has its beginning ~
was started
was born
was ignited
at some point in time

New things
New ventures
New companies
New lives
are continually beginning

Look nowhere
Emotional vitality of a company
gives you the answer
of the emotional vitality
of the founder/CEO

Choose where you want
to invest your time and energy
Choose a game worth playing
Choose your work
are being valued
and appreciated

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