Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 August 2011

Holding Open The Vision

Many turns and twists
I finally hold strong on the vision
Letting go of something
That does not serve me anymore
Not the people
Not the work
Not the energy
Life has to move on
I once fall in love for all

Make time for a special season
To hurry and yet not to
It's the final trial
Dancing in the storm
There is no way to rush
a flower to blossom

At times
The anxiety eats up on me completely
The fear looks me right into the eyes
My knees are helplessly weak
I bow onto you
Hold me tight please
My mighty power
I know you hear me

My love
If it wasn't this vision
I have no way and no strength
To see through
To experience
What is possible
Deep down I hold tight onto you

Blue Romance
Much awaiting
In full anticipation
Once more
We will meet beyond the eyes
In the deep center of Mediterranean Sea
From inspiring Istanbul Turkey
To exotic and romantic Venice Italy

My heart is sizzling quietly in serenity
You bring jazz into my heartbeat
This is more than a sweet child's destiny
Holding on the vision
Open up the whole new level of
elusive awareness
Knowing that
I come here
To be something extraordinary

This time
I bow onto you
You are all the super powerful Mighty
Make it possible for me
I'm absolute in thrill and grateful
Beyond words and gestures

Looking back
You made my life
Sometimes so full
Sometimes so empty
I learn to embrace all with dignity
Now I bow onto you
With deep knowing
You will show me the big picture
What I cannot see
I will increase my life vibrancy
To keep up with your confidence in me
I bow onto you
Finally in peace

You know
Who I wanted to bring
To travel with me
In soul and spirit
If not this opportunity
Then say it next to me
All is ~
worthy of it

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