Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

10 August 2011

The Soul's Code

Have you ever
think and feel
that you possess far more
than your present job require
or even allow?

Have you ever
been overwhelmed
with doing more for less?
Less satisfaction
Less fulfillment
Less excitement
Less joy
Less soul
Less spirit

Many times ~
You were not being utilised creatively
You were not being treated kindly
You were not being paid fairly
And you do not know the meaning of this

In our Soul's code
Therein lies our voice
There is a voice of human spirit
Full of hope and intelligence
Resilience by nature
Boundless in it's potential
to serve for the higher purpose
It's deep
It's innate

When you are inspired
by some great purpose
some extraordinary project
All your thoughts break that bounds
Your mind transcends limitations
Your consciousness expands in every direction
You find yourself in a new
great and wonderful world

There is nothing so powerful
as an idea
whose time has come

In our Soul's Code
Deep within
There is an inner longing
To live a life of
To really matter
To really make a difference

You can!
There is a potential within you
You can live such a life
It's the birthright of the human spirit

Your mission is
To discover your voice
To express your voice

In case
You choose
Road less traveled
You know
Leadership is a choice
The choice to ~
Expand your influence
Increase your contribution
Inspire other
To breath life into another

You hereby resolve ~
To live a life of greatness
A life of real contribution
A life of significance
One that really
made a difference

Say yes!
It's in your soul's code

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