Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 August 2011

Mayan Calendar 2012

I did not realize this
Until I learn the basics of
Mayan Calendar 2012
It says
The new Mayan year
Entering on 26 July 2011
Ushers in a new cycle
There is a strong energy
In the moment
To acquire new knowledge

Use this power of
first magnetic Luna
to connect ourselves
with the wheel of time
and experience 
the infinite possibility
of practical application
of the power of Mayan Calendar
in our everyday life

I personally resonate with it very well
There is a strong 
desire and interest 
to acquire new knowledge
Deep down 
I have no idea
what comes to an end 
what comes to a new beginning
The dynamic of the changes 
is far beyond my logic

Now I remember 
Many new partnership contacts 
are kicking off effortlessly
Mostly are brand new 
It's absolutely perfect 
for a cold & distant contact 
to become warm & close contact
in a very magical way
Something beyond 
my words and gestures
Sharing unprecedented level of 
passion and purpose
in increasing life for each other
Only those who are not part of it
They know how to
make themselves disappear 
The level of clarity of purpose
is unbelievable

This is a time to acquire new knowledge
To increase from 3D to 4D to 5D dimension
To increase our higher consciousness
By 11 Sept 2011
This is a good period to start a new cycle
And finish off all the old projects
Or any relationship/energy
that does not work anymore
It's time to come 
to the spiritual closure 
and move on
Remember to take advantage of
the beginning of new cycle
for the next 260 days

Remember to ask ourselves
What is the purpose of 2012
And what are the major goals
we want to accomplish for the next 260 days

This ancient wisdom also apply to
Finding out our life purpose
Challenges & traps
Shadow side
Our qualities & powers
How and when can we use them to our advantages
Relationship issues
How can we follow the natural cycle of time
to live in harmony with ourselves
and many more

So mysterious
So powerful
This is a must learn skill for this year
It's time to acquire new knowledge
Follow the natural flow of time
And resonate with the frequency of the natural time
To conduct and receive
Everything around us
More calmly and effectively

Already in the realm 
of this magic calendar...

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