Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 August 2011

Come With Time

With time
Comes the depth
Depth of wisdom
Depth of passion
Depth of creativity
Depth of potentiality
Depth of meaning
Your depth brings you closer to destiny

With time
Comes with discipline
Discipline of what matters to you
Discipline of what makes you bold
Discipline of what makes you strong
Discipline of what you live for
Discipline of your authenticity
Your discipline helps you shine like magic

With time
Comes with clarity
Clarity on your vision
Clarity on living a purposeful life
Clarity on your dream and hope
Clarity on your gifts and talents
Clarity on your sources of happiness
You create your own life experiences

With time
Comes with strength
Strength to stand up for the truth
Strength to love again and trust
Strength to give it all knowing you are so much more
Strength to move through pain and despair
Strength to remind yourself when the world is cool
You are indeed more than what you do

With time
Comes with wisdom
Wisdom to connect deep within yourself
Wisdom to differentiate acceptance and courage to change
Wisdom to choose love and faith over fear
Wisdom to know when to hold on and when to let go
Wisdom to live a life that is unprecedented meaningful to you
You are here to accomplish what you came for

With time
Comes with maturity
Maturity to know people come into life for a reason or season
Maturity to trust your own instinct for major decisions
Maturity to flow with the river and still striving
Maturity to build the emotional bond beyond words
Maturity to act with integrity and dignity
You have all the resources within 

With time
You create your own compelling life story
You write your own script
Tell me what is it
Your instinct will guide you the story line
Whether you are worthy of it
And be your own hero/heroin
And laugh at it

Know thyself
Come with time

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