Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

23 August 2011

Leadership & Integrity

Leadership is such a rare attitude
It creates an edge
It sets the souls apart
It speaks so loud about you

People rarely step out
Prefer to be a follower
Prefer to be a copycat
Take take take
A taker seldom give back
He never understand
the value of integrity
and what does that has to do with him
What's more
What does he stand for
When good things stop coming into his life
He may then realize
What is he missing out
Why he is not part of the master mind group anymore

Be awake
Be aware
of how you want to be treated
and do the same things to others
Above all else
the originality of idea
who is the master mind behind it

Integrity is such a premium
It has its value
A price tag

Not many people have it
They trade it 
They compromise it
They lose it
They choose not to have it
They play with it
They short change with it

You do not know
What you do not know
Admit it
Get help from others
And reward them please
It's legitimate
There is a commercial value
Not to mention
Service from the heart

If you know that
your life or business
is being empowered
and enriched
because they come into play
Show your appreciation
Because they help you
Create a worthy game beyond money
They help you 
to get a life
A life with meaning
When you stop giving
You stop receiving

Be awake
Be aware
of the integrity
Little details to attention
Speaks so loud about you
Without it
You do not stand for anything

Leadership and integrity
Grow hand in hand
Play to your strength
Create a game beyond self
How could one lead without integrity

Be awake
Be aware
Acting in integrity

The demand for leadership 
Always increases in difficult time
Step out
Be original
Be an impeccable leader
Be a source of inspiration 
Be decisive
Be Thinking Big
Above all else
Rise to influence
With integrity

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