Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 August 2011


We believe
Success is impossible
So we criticise it
When we see other's success
It's too intimidating to deserve it

We believe
Success is mystical
So we search for it
When our search brings nothing close to it
It's too far to start that dream again

We believe
Success comes from luck
So we hope for it
When luck appears
It's time to see the shining star

We believe
Success comes from hard work
So we work hard for it
When life is all about work
It's too late afraid of looking back and change

We believe
Success comes from an opportunity
So we wait for it
When opportunity comes
It's too late to prepare for it

No one could tell you
What is it
Success is a magic
To everyone you meet
Today is the only time you live

Make a decision
Make a commitment
To live today as if it's your last day
Make today's magic you could possibly last
Success is what makes you proud and tweet
Plant the seeds of success today
You will find your way

I believe
Success is living the truth each day
What you come here to be and do
So face it with courage
Bring your gift to the world
with much strength and color
When you are living with no regret
It's a true success to you
Today and everyday
That you do not need
to think even for another day
You are living an extraordinary successful life
every single day

is all possible
is mystical
is luck
is magic
is what you turn out to be 

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