Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 August 2011

Dream With Me

World/Grand Cruises

Costa Rica to Miami Cruises

New World To Norway Cruises

Miami To Lisbon Cruises

Northern European Cruises

Panama Canal Cruises

Australia & New Zealand Cruises
Alaska Cruises

I think I know
What is it
I am good at it

I dream
a lot
I am the happiest
and most fulfilled
when I inspire others
to dream
It's beyond myself
It's increasing life for others
Dare to dream
Dare to make dream comes true
You got to be hungry

It's the light
in your eyes
when you are all fired up
It's the laser focused energy
How fast you bounce back
when you fall
And you come back stronger
Much stronger than you ever thought possible
You have a dream
And it's possible

I share dream
that open people's eyes and ears
for breath-taking experience
in a lifetime
But the most important thing is
I inspire others to dream

You know
You deserve it
You know
At least
You wanted to experience it
And you know
Cruising into the future
Is never a dream anymore
It is happening
It's the whole inspiration behind
It's the whole motivation behind
all your hard work
Something that
Keep you looking forward

Next year
By this season
You know
This is the truth

I have dream
You are inspired to have one
You have dreamt together with me
Looking back
You will tell me
You want more

I know
I have been there

My bigger dream now
Is to inspire others to dream bigger dream
You know it
When you are moving forward
It's the inner strength
that keep you
waking up early
and staying late at night
You know
Your dream is like
at the next door
You are almost there
grabbing in your hand
and not to let it go
It's the most luxurious moment
It's the most unstoppable magic
You are all fired up
You know
You have a dream
And it's coming to your experience...

I think
I know
What is it

Create/Find your compelling dream
A dream that move you forward
Dream with me
Wait not

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