Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

17 July 2012

A Bliss

In between the meetings
I take a break
Refocus on 80/20 priority
Breathing deep
And enjoying Mocha Frapuccino
With New York Cheese Cake

Looking at the white blue sky
Feeling good
There are two seniors
Sitting next to me
Just like old buddies
Both of them
Talk and talk

For the first time
I do not hear anything they say
I am very focused
My heart and soul
Are so aligned with my writing
My fingers are moving non-stop
It's flowing
It's effortless
It's a bliss
It's a total indulgence
It's a full presence
I'm in the zone
Feeling alive
The spirit flows through and to me

When I am packing
About to leave
The old man besides me
Just smiling wide
Appealing extra sweet
In courtesy
I return a smile
And say goodbye
Our eyes meet
And stop
Suddenly I feel a strong presence of papa
He is watching over me
He is protecting me
He is guiding me
He is listening to my prayer
He is giving me blessings

On the way out to my yoga practice
My tears drop
And I cry very hard in my my heart
I miss my papa so much
Yet finding a comfort smile with another spirit
It's a bliss

In the yoga practice
My intention is purely letting go
Suddenly all the movement and posture
Look easy and effortless
In total presence
That is how life should feel like
Moment by moment
Segment by segment
It's a bliss

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