Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 July 2012

Be Aware

I call it 
The Funny Friday
When I was very young in my career
Friday is my 'closing' day in sales
Normally sales contract were faxing in
All the confirmation were in time
To meet my target
To be the top sales
It went on for some golden years
I suddenly stopped 
And asked myself
What am I selling?
This is beyond the Products and Customers
Little did I know 
I have already advancing 
Into selling Human Spirits
It's okay to be selective
With who do you want to deal with 
I was creating tons of value
Moving from survival to significance
I chose
The road less travel
Did I?

I call it 
The Black Friday
I suddenly stop everything on hand
Just breath 
If ever I am alive
Suddenly I was cut from the fresh air
A thick darkness covers my eyes
Body pain accumulates
What is going on?

Slowly breathing out
Deep and long
To refocus within
Natural action
I need to feel 
I need to 
draw the senses within
Not by eyes
But by heart

I stop 
At every song I love
Let it flows in very deep and loud
With close eyes
See where it takes me

Be aware

It's the darkest 
Before dawn

I will breath into dawn

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