Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

30 July 2012

Spiritual Closure

It's a promise
For myself
I must do it
I must finish strong

It's a commitment
For myself
I must do it
No matter what

It's a character
For myself
I must do it
Without this you are nothing

It's a passion
I didn't know 
I must do it
The spirit will flow through and to me

It's love
For myself
I must do it
This turns out to be a healing journey

I did not know 
How I get it started 
My soul has a message
Wanted to be heard
To be felt and traveled 
Far and near
To the right souls and hearts
Who are open 
Who are true 
Who are genuine
Who believe 
And trust 
In the unknown 
And many unknown
See things with new eyes
The most important thing is 
The trust in me

You may know know 
The tears
The worries
The fears
The sleepless nights
The intensity
The love in it

Remembering your love
Breathing deep and long
You give me strength
One moment at a time
This is all for you
Total dedication 
You know who you are

I promise
I commit
I must deliver
I must do it
With the highest standard
With the highest spirit
Because I know 
This is exactly 
What you are supposed to do
What you are meant to be

It's an appreciation 
For myself
I must do it 
For spiritual closure

It's an experience
For myself
I must do it
For another opening

It's an end
For myself
I must do it
Searching for the truth

Call it 
The End
It's a promise
No more

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