Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

16 July 2012

A Little Black Book Princess

Two days ago
Someone that I approached for interview write-up
Called me from United States
So excitingly looking at the magazine I sent him 
And telling me that
I am his inspiration

What he is doing 
In the world of special arts
Is his divinely guided life path
And has been teaching others on
his advance healing techniques with his special arts
Within a short call
He enthusiastically shared his life drama
and summed up his theme on life as 
'Life is such a gift'
This is exactly so perfectly fit into 
the upcoming issue on
A Little Black Book on Winning

I am thrilled
Someone called me 
A Little Black Book Princess

What a journey
I am grateful
My work is divinely guided 
For the open minded souls and hearts
That see the impossible
Even though this is the hardest and biggest job
In terms of responsibility and accountability 
I am being reminded many times in a day
as a Spiritual Warrior

Be inspired 
By a great fight
By a great theme
A Little Black Book Princess
As a legacy

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