Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

30 July 2012

Something Beautiful

You tell me
You love life
Your little love story
Your little sadness
Your little pain
Your little loss
Your emotional journey

You tell me 
You love ocean
Your little creation
Your little dream
Your little passion
Your little smile
Your gift of life

I forget 
What love feels like
What love looks like
My dear friend
My soul is touched
My spirit is moved 
I want more

I cannot tell you what is it
You make the little girl within
Cries hard in her heart
It takes so much courage
To conquer the fear
She learns to open heart
She learns to let go fear
She learns to hold on tight
She learns to trust again
What is something beautiful 

Your little story
Her little world
Something beautiful

A little magic
She wants more
Something beautiful

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