Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 July 2012


Meeting you for a quick lunch
My intention is to cool you down
For the last few days
You have been bugging me
And repeatedly asked for my attention and love
When I was busy working like crazy
I promise myself to do what matters

With this
The message is really clear
You are very much into the negativity
Of drawling into drama and more dramas
What do you think
Other people do to themselves for money
How the values and characters have changed for money
How the greed and guilt have grown into the devil of souls
As if you could easily light up the subject matter
Full of judgment
Full of criticism
Full of despair
Full of anger
Full of rage
Your enthusiasm keeps the flame going
It's very unnecessary in need of my attention
All this has indirectly become a tension to me

I silently send you love energy 
On my way back
I am releasing all the disempowering energy
No more family drama
No more your drama
No more your complaint
No more your disgraceful comment
No more anger

Life is too short
For any life drama
Forgive quickly
Forgive yourself
Forgive others
For it becomes one of the blessings in life

Only focus on
What matters

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