Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 July 2012

Goodbye My Love

With every goodbye 
You learn deeper and deeper 
All about life & love 
Remembering every goodbye 
They are significant in their own ways 
On the journey of transformation 

I cried really hard in my heart 
My eyes are flooded with pool of tears 
I let it come 
Dedicated to my love 

With every goodbye 
Some goodbye is so difficult 
Some goodbye is so divine 
Some goodbye is so eternal 
Some goodbye is so unforgettable 
There is no one goodbye 
That is not breaking my heart 

Goodbye my love 
There was no right way to say goodbye 
Losing you 
Was like losing my soul 
I did not hear my heart pumping for some time 
There was a thick darkness arising 
From East to West 
And West to East 
Many days and nights 
Many continents 
Many miles away 
Busy working 
Working busy 
Upside down 
Downside up 
Many years later 
With more than 4500 days 
Thousands of healing 
Thousands of emotional release 
I suddenly remember 
This goodbye is the best goodbye ever 
I love you 
Once and for all
Truthfully and deeply 
I remember the best you 

By now It was all in the past 
The pain is not a pain anymore 
I find strength in the loss 
Towards emotional freedom 
And life goes on 
If there is a 'Take 2' 
I will handle it differently 
Even more bold 
Decisively Of course 
Even more helplessly romantically 
And passionately 
Like there is no tomorrow 
If ever I meet my love again 
I know what is crazily in love
Let it be
By now
Life goes on

Appreciate the beauty unfolding
In its magic way

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