Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

19 July 2012

Family Harmony

Family harmony
Is always an issue
As we are living more apart
As we are growing different ways
Many of you are growing your wealth 
With bigger cars and more cars
With bigger house and more houses
With bigger ego and more egos

Losing the important man in the family
I felt like we are losing the focus
We are losing the love
We are losing the support
For each other

It takes me great courage 
To live my life the way I want it
Despite all the challenges 
Mental, emotional, financial, or so...
Deep inside
I know all the answers are within
As within 
So within
For all the family time
I love deeply 
I appreciate deeply
For the quality time
Living truthfully
Living joyously
Living harmony 

I do not like your call yesterday
However I see my resistance
A little disharmony amongst the siblings
There is a great sadness within me
I see how this emotion was arising 
And deal with it
Breath deep through it
So much diligently this time

I look like the third party
I am not totally involved 
I release and let go
I do not let the disempowering emotion to stay 
Not even 1 minute
I withdraw my energy
In sending love to all of you
And I am done
Let go totally

Energy knows
Where we are connected
Deep love within 
Will show you the way
I am not here to change you 
On the road of awakening
But with inner strength
I know you feel my influence
In an empowering way
Family harmony
Is the number one priority
That is the love and legacy
For each other

Live passionately
Love deeply

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