Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 July 2012

Best Moment

Today's yoga practice 
was about the power of stillness 
In between 
 The teacher shared something irrelevant 
that was a bit of distraction to others 
I was focused 
I was patient 
I was calm 
I was still 
Overall I was satisfied 
with the practice outcome 
My body told me so 

My lady friend D 
got a bit impatience on her nerve 
She pulled me aside after class
Asking me about the teacher and the practice 
She got upset 
She got irritated 
She got annoyed 
She got angry 
For all the effort and travel to the practice 
She did not get what she wanted
Her body was not able to relax 
and get the benefit of it 
Essentially she did not like the teacher 
The first impression that lasts was so true 

We sat down 
Drying our sweats 
Opened heart and let it out 
What I was doing is just a shoulder to lean on 
A listening heart 

Out of blue 
I got inspired to share 
on teachings by Esther and Jerry Hicks 
On Law of Attraction 
and Power of Emotion 
And some miracles that works for me 
Hopefully it works for her too 

She appreciated my time 
And mentioned that this was the best moment of the practice 
that I am the source of her inspiration 
And she got energized 
And forgot about her upset and anger 
I got deeply touched 
And the level of fulfillment is beyond my words 

On my way back home 
I couldn't stop smiling 
This is the best moment of my life 
Contributing to other's well being 
And know that 
I am powerful 
and more than enough 
We all have the power within us 
To change 
To live 
To impact others 
The question is - 
Do you want to impact others positively or negatively 
The amount of work is almost the same 
But the outcome is different 
The same thing with
Thinking big and thinking small 
Which one serves you the best? 
The amount of work is almost the same 
I wanna think big 
And be big 

I got inspired
This is 
The best moment for today

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