Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

02 July 2012

Ownership of Life

There are many things
We probably desire in life
Many of them are the finest things
We know how to celebrate it with style
There is the most important thing we own
That many may not even think about owning
That is their lives

You only own one person ~ you
You get to choose
What to do with only one person
You get to the fun part
Running your life and 
Making it what you want it to be 
You get to focus on 
Choosing what you get to do
You get to begin 
To shape and mold your life
That is exciting

Your ownership
Means that you can do what you want with yourself
Your life is a blank sheet of paper
You can choose whatever you want to do
Your ultimate destination in life
Is set by you

Live now
Take charge of your own life

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