Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

17 July 2012


Many times in my life
Intuition is my guide
I have got great judgement
For a potential outcome
For a potential deal coming in
For a potential opportunity
For a stranger turns potential partner
Many times
Countless in my life experience
How these contacts are being drawn to the magic
It's intuition
Show me the answer

The bigger the game
The stronger is my intuition
I believe I am destined to be big
This is just the playing ground
To really polish the skills of knowing the unknown
And taking reasonable and measurable risk
In seeing what is coming
To my desired outcome
To be in the flow
The intuition is my answer

Last week
I got a few great anchors
The right push and pull at the right time
People called me
Thanked me for being their inspiration
Many sent me hugs and love
From far and near
I got it
My intuition told me so

My intuition tells me again
I got it
A new contact turns into potential partner
Looking for product launch pad in Asia/Hong Kong/China
Luxury space
From west to east
From east to west
My kind of work

I know
It is happening from the very beginning
My eyes are caught
My heart feels deeply
It's so right
Give it a go
It's intuition

In my meditation
In my stillness
In letting go
In creating new space
In seeing with new eyes
And freeing with new heart
I know deeply
Intuition is all I got

Be it
Intuition will guide me
The next manifestation
The next creation
The next beauty
The next big thing
The next great fight
The next blessings
The next jazz nights

In a short moment of busyness
And staying fully awake and aware
In the world of nuisance and noises
In the world of big crowds and big traffic
With nothing to rush
I suddenly hear the music
My kind of music
Soft and loud
It's my Intuition
Waiting to be called upon
For the next gracious dance

Be intuitive
Be spontaneous
Be deep
Be it

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