Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 July 2012

Second Generation Success

I was a fresh graduate 20 years ago
The memory was still fresh
Just like yesterday
I was alone for the graduation 
And yet I knew many proud faces 
would have wished to be with me
My family has given me 
The greatest love of all
It's unconditional love
Graduation was one of the milestones in life
And I have beautiful and colorful life since then
Time really flies

My second generation family 
Is celebrating the graduation 
with my brother's beautiful family
I am  so proud of them
In their faces and love
I saw my relationship with past life, 
present life and perhaps future life
How I would handle my life differently
If I were to be a fresh graduate again

This is exactly 
I know my calling
I have been wanted to be the role model
for the second generation success
In their celebration
I see my legacy

No road is wasted
I am proud of myself
Life has taught me much 
What are the losses
What are the gains
What fired me up
What is the calling
What is the legacy

Nothing change
I just change the way I used to be
the way people are expecting from and of me
I do not ask for approval anymore
I live my life
My style 

With second generation success
I am more than willing 
to show them love and light
To manifest who they want to be 
One of the milestones in life
In their eyes and faces
I saw my yesterday
And i will handle it differently now

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