Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 July 2012

Know Thyself

I met a contact 
In profiling tools and system business
To provide solution to CEO
In managing business and people

I need to take the test and experience myself
On personality test & Emotional Intelligence test
When we met
My contact was giving me some feedback on 
my strengths and weaknesses
And asked me a lot of questions diligently 
To see how I tackle different type of personalities
And the ability to make emotional connection and maturity works 
in dealing with clients servicing and business development area

One thing
Many CEO/MD become so High-D from High-I
When comes to results and bottom line performance
They just want one thing: Sales
And forget the rest 
Or not paying too much attention or efforts in other area
For example - leads generation
You need time to build and do the segmentation
What's more interesting is - 
I remember Philip Kotley says 
In Marketing 3.0
'From Products to Customers to Human Spirits'
I am in
It's not about the products

Despite of the feedback on
What works for me 
What not
I stand strong and true to myself
Be authentic
Be yourself
That matters
Screw all the rules 
Screw all the details 
I am spontaneous 
So what

Know Thyself
Follow your heart 

Say NO to others
So that you could be true to yourself
And your path

I am

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