Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 July 2012

A Little Child

A little child
Remember you are so much loved
When you are really young
You are pampered in many ways
Family and friends
And many loved ones
Far and near
They just loved you

A little child
If you want to cry
Please do not hold back
Let it out
I will just be there for you
Still loving you for who you are
And who you have slowly evolving into
Nothing change

Please be soft with yourself
Losing the loved ones and closed ones
It almost take away all your life meaning
You lost something you have been fighting for
You lost something you have been always proud of
Are you not seeing what hurts you
Are you not listening what kills you
Are you not learning what gives you pain
Are you doing more of the same
Trusting and trusting
Looking for good fight spiritually
Can you be soft to yourself
Letting go and letting go
See if this could add to your edge
Clear your schedule
Off the duty
Close file
Only focus on what matters
To live freely
To love deeply

A little child
I hear your heart's deepest desire
I will hold you hand
I will hug you
I will kiss you
I will love you
I will take away all your fear
I will just love you no matter what

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