Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2012

Emotional Connection

Few days ago
Met a great contact
A very successful woman
Someone who does not believe in marketing
Do nothing about marketing
Yet she is able to do export business
to more than 35 countries
To open retail shops
To create a name for herself
To own multiple properties
across the region
She must be so blessed
in many ways

First few minutes
I think there is no business going on
Can't even think about an angle to work with
And do not want to appear too aggressive
Only free flow of what the spirit wants me to be
It is not even a branding work
She is doing well
And need no help at all

I give her my heart
Only deep and conscious listening
It's the fear factor 
She does not want to go big 
She does not want to lose control
She is happy with now
Very good

We talk about life and healing
The inspiration
The empowerment
The women
Suddenly there is an opening
An emotional connection
Of what it could possibly be
That's it
I leave the meeting with open book

Two days later
Her assistant asks me for proposal
On the possibility of delivering a solution
To what might seem a short term
And a medium term on
Holistic marketing action plan

Be your own light
Let others shine
You are part of their light
At some point in time
It does not matter really
Light connects light
Makes the world a better place
A stronger empowerment
A stronger inspiration
A stronger woman
A stronger light

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