Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2012

Going Against The River

How do I get here?
A little decision by decision
One at a time
Is this what I want?
Very much against the river
What is it that I am not seeing?
What is it that I am not listening?
Going against the river
Is very much the journey of a spiritual warrior
What am I fighting for
What am I willing to risk my life for
What is the meaning of my work
What legacy am I creating

I almost stop my breathing
in the middle of the night
In my meditation
I remember
This is the first time
I am so consciously about my breathing
And do nothing else
Within the breathing
I reconnect with myself
Without the breathing
Everything stop

In my stillness
I feel deep and strong
For my essence and presence
I am sorry
I apologize to myself
How do I get here
I almost forget
Can I go back
Can I do things differently
What about now
What is the best way forward

I need to feel my way
Back home

I almost stop breathing
Pay attention
It is getting serious
What could I do differently
How would I live differently
What is my life meaning now

Going against the river
Put everything aside
Follow the divinity within
Back home

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