Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2012

I Had It Enough

Today is Friday
This is not a normal week day
Working towards a beautiful weekend
I am wrapping some of the work
And ready to move on
My soul tells me
I had it enough

It is important to know
The difference of 'giving up'
and 'I had it enough'
This morning
To kick off the wrapping work
That is a strong message
I had it enough
10 minutes later
Some annoying voice tells me
I had it enough
Another 10 minutes later
A bitch shouts at me
I had it more than enough
That is the point of no turning back
I deliver my promise
I execute my commitment and plan
I am done

What remains of significance and meaning
I believe it will be manifested in time
The collection becomes a legacy
Where with the higher intention
Your work could actually bring others
To the new horizon
To their emotional breakthrough
To their healing

I remind myself
To be aware
Knowing I had more than enough
I remain curious to explore
New adventure and new heights
Life is full of mystery
That inner strength
Keeps me alive

I had it enough
Time to move on
Point of no turning back

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