Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 July 2012


The weather in Hong Kong
Changed from hot to rain
From T3 to T8 (Black Rain)
From T8 to T10 (Danger)
For the first time 
Very serious in many years

As my client is flying in from Singapore
Our meeting schedule was arranged last week
This morning 
Still at T8
I persist to be out 
And be there in time
As a result 
Client tells me straight that 
it says so much about me in character 
despite the heavy rain
The strong sense of commitment 
Is highly appreciated 
I smile

In life 
Perhaps we have been through some typhoons too 
It reminds me gently 
On what we appreciate about what we have
Not on what we do not have
On this note
I promise myself
Despite any weather 
Be happy
And enjoy
And it does not bother me anymore
I sing in my heart
In big rain and big wind

Live freely
Love deeply

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