Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 July 2012

The Color of Love

Tell me 
What is the color of love 
I forget 
And could not remember 
I know it when I was young 
It was perhaps many years ago 
That I believe I know it 
But then I was wrong about it 
And it takes another many years 
To learn to different it 
To recognize the true color of love 
Takes tons of courage 

As the soul is much more evolving 
I learn to appreciate all the color of love 
Perhaps it has more than one color 
And it does not have to be the same color 
when you are young 
Because the color changes over time 
And the most important part is 
Different color works best for you 
At different stages of life 
What is your color of love
I like to know

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