Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 July 2012

Wine Appreciation

In the past 
I was the organizer for the wine appreciation 
and wine dinner event
And various lifestyle and luxury events 
They are a big part of my work

I am invited as a guest
Wine appreciation experience 
Is so different now
This is an enjoyment 
And so much to learn 
About wine and the glasses
What an eye opener experience

Besides the wine tasting
I have a sip or two of whisky 
Already in love with the glassware
By Riedel from Austria

Life is like wine sometimes
So much to learn about
Test it out 
To see what you like to most 
And do more of them
For those experience you dislike
Know how to cut them off 
And above all else 
Appreciate life
Just like appreciate wine

So much to be grateful now

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