Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

20 July 2012


A woman
Rekindled love and passion
With her first love
The only difference is 
The man is happily married
With children and grandchildren
Their reconnection was a good flame
But painful

Daily flirts and chats 
Despite miles away
The woman makes effort to getaway with him
The man does his best to be normal at home
And the heart is missing someone not by his side

Love is not about possession
Both of them would know it better
The woman is in pain
Missing someone
Her heart and soul is attached to someone
He is all the world she wants 
She is all the love he desires
The timing is not very right

I reminded the woman
Be accountable for what you do 
As there is a Karma in our life
Do not destroy the happiness of others
Do not step in the relationship 
where someone is not available
She became angry with me
She became resistance
She turned into denial 
And feeling pain

What is this for?
Let your higher consciousness guide you
Do not create that unconscious pain
She will pick up the lessons herself
At her own timing

What is the truth?
She will have the answers

I am 
Just a messager
We have the ability 
To see, hear and feel
and be open 
For the choices we made

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