Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 July 2012


As sisters as great friends
And most importantly 
She is a Business Coach
And a Life Coach
On the road of winning 
In a fun way

Leadership challenge today
Three things
On time, team & sales issues
It is so true

Working 'on' the business
Focus on 80/20 priority 
Create happy culture
Love your people 
Lead with examples & integrity
Create extra value for clients
Gives you an edge

Make time for what matters
Winning bleeds winning
It's a journey
Not a destination
Strive for happiness each day
Enjoy the ride

Life is what you made out of it
Despite all the challenges
Rise with influence
Stay true to your path

The world 
Becomes so much beautiful 
Because of you
I will always appreciate 
Your love

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