Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 August 2012

A Little Freedom

A little freedom 
Is the source of inspiration 
And creativity 
I am not sure how to live otherwise

Take a pause now
I am working on my life path
Looking back 
It was a sad yet liberating journey
Many faces
Many lessons
Sometimes I feel like
This is so not my life
Time flies
What is so out of balance here?

I gave myself a 24 full months
Towards a journey of freedom 
Slowing down
Writing and yoga
A soulful collection maybe?

Turning things around
Many faces
Many angels
They are all blessings and gifts
From my loved ones
Far and near

Remembering your love
Is my strength
A little freedom 
Expands the soul

A soulful collection
My next creation 

A gift
A manifestation

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