Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

04 August 2012


I just finish my yoga practice
Intense 90 minutes hot yoga
An instinct
It rings the bell 
In my email
Suddenly one beautiful soul appears
With the return goodwill
The final
Will be out in time

At the shower room
I cry
A little kindness
A little generosity 
Travels far
It means so much 
At the right time

Some people cut the loss
And make it conditional
To show true color
10 months
Awakening journey
When you give genuinely
The spirit travels 
The souls touch
For people who stick and carrot
And do not uphold 
the integrity & dignity
I cut the ties

Never give up hope
No matter what
Many darkness nights
Many sleepless pain
Strong grounding work
Let it unfolds

Never give up hope 
My tears are for you
A little baby
With it
You carry the hope of many
A voice 
The world is waiting

The spirit sustains you

The soul expands you

The universe shows you

The tears gratifies you

A little baby shines bright

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