Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

06 August 2012


Deep connection 
With the heart
I am feeling your pain
Tell me 
What is it about?
Why are you doing what you do?
Coming to the end now
Everything has a closing
Time for healing

I promise 
To make time for you
To be deeply in connection 
With the heart
During this time of pondering
In deep meditation 
In deep healing
Know that 
I love you

I am sorry 
To make you suffer 
Please forgive me
For the bad decision
Now I am letting go 
In deep healing 
Pain body must recover soon

With close eyes
The love is coming back to you

Healing now
For the road less traveled
But you

Courageous soul
Stand for yourself
Where the world is in crisis
Stay centered
In the most adversity
Your calmness will tell

For the next creation 
Healing now
For there is only now

If tomorrow never come
I want to be home
With my loved ones
At heart

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