Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

07 August 2012

Managing Editor's Letter - First Peek

Managing Editor's Message

'Best Practice in Winning ~
 Your Life. Your Legacy.'

Dear Best Practice Seekers

You have a voice.
The world is waiting.
When you are doing your life work
serving higher purpose;
When you walk your authentic path,
you are indeed a winner.
With deep knowing and passion,
that keeps you alive everyday.
You have already found your life purpose.
This is the ultimate winning.
No more searching for meaning.
It is right here right now.
You are blessed with this gift.
Believe in your greatness.

Indeed ~
Winning is a mindset.
Winning is an attitude.
Winning is a lifestyle.
Winning is a journey.
Winning is all the big and small moments,
that makes you who you are today;
Winning is the larger life you are living right now.
Winning is the ultimate meaning of your life.

'A Little Black Book' collection series has become
one of the classic sensation for private collection.
On the road to winning,
you will meet new beautiful souls,
who wanted to be part of something larger than yourself.
The souls recognize the unconditional love
and could only expand with this space.
They see winning in many different ways.
It's not the differences that we are seeking,
but the common values that bring us closer.

You are transparent,
original and authentic about who you are;
with genuine true essence of spirit.
You dare to bare it all -
A journey of tears, sweats, worries, darkness...
and turning the trials into triumph.
Against all odds.
You will do it.
You will go strong with it.

Be here and now.
Know that your voice helps
to make this world a better place.
Thank you for being part of this collection.
Your voice will travel far.

To your greater Winning!

Bengie Mont
Managing Editor
BPM Events Director
Best Practice Management
+(852) 9465 8528
Skype: bblueoceze

7 Aug 2012

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