Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 August 2012

Right Here Waiting

Home sweet home
Is always at the center of my heart
I give permission to the little girl
To be free
To rebel
To create
To experience
To feel

For the last 24 months
She was free like a little bird
Now she is running away
I am looking for her restlessly
Just hoping she will open up to me
What bothers her
What makes her heart aches
What makes her soul cries
I am here to love her
With full listening heart
No judgement

I know you are tired
You want a place to rest your heart and soul
I am doing my very best
To create a home for you
It will be a major restructuring
And many baggages to go
Clearing and clearing
After more than 10 years
I make you cramp into the wild imagination
Space is such a luxury in your mind

I hope you come home soon
Know that I am waiting for you
Patiently and lovingly
Welcome you home
I want to pay attention
To your dream
To your passion
To your purpose
To your plan
Come home baby
I am right here waiting

New day
New being
New dream

Fear knocked at the door
Faith answered
No one was there

Right here waiting
You will be back
Stronger and bigger
And be outrageous again
Faithfully so

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