Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

19 August 2012

Awaken the Spiritual Partnership Within

Listen to that deep silence within
I am not running away
This is my commitment
I suddenly have so much compassion for self
Working on the consciousness
To be aware of what is happening
With no judgement
The good
The bad
The spiritual

Listen to that deep silence
I make time and pay attention
Like a puppy love
Deserved my every second
Looking inward inward inward
With much love
How would love feel like
What would love response
How would a loving self wanted to feel
The spiritual being

A new found strength
A new found courage
A new found power
To be authentic
To be aligned
To be close to my gifts
Continue to create and discover
The next gifts
To show the light and love

Listen to that deep silence
I am not running away
What would love say
What would love do
How would love be
It is the only way to live
To create an authentic power
Life does not get better with length of life
But the depth of life
Be love now

In the end
When we fully accept
What is now
And not pretending otherwise
Feel deeply from your heart
Let love in
Let love heals
It can be a simple yet profound discovery

Life is simple
Beauty is simple
Authentic is simple
Acceptance is simple
Love is simple
Now is simple

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