Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 August 2012

The Secret

Beautiful September
I remember it was 2 years ago
During this time
I was cruising at the Mediterranean
From Rome to Barcelona
It changed my life ever
Because this is 'The Secret' comes true

Last year
During this time
I was cruising in Mediterranean
From Istanbul to Venice
I was very sick on the second day
Very bad cough and fever in my entire life
Being bullied by a group of Chinese community
Mental stress and emotional stress
I promise myself not again

September is around the corner
I promise myself this time
To experience the beauty of a new season
Be happy and deep peace is my everyday goal
I do not want to compromise
For anything less than that
Whatever I do
Do it wholeheartedly
Whenever I love
Love it unconditionally
If I live
Live it like there is no tomorrow

The Secret
Be very careful what you wish for
It comes at the Universe's timing
It may be faster than you think

Right now
I am love
I am joy
I am outrageous
I am grateful

I am

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