Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 August 2012

Running Away

A little girl
Is running away
In sorrow
In grief
In pain
And lost

I am running after her
Not so close
Not so far
Need a distance
Need some space

When you cool down
Come to me baby
You do not have to be afraid
You are absolutely accepted as you are
When the world rejects you
I will fully and genuinely embrace you
As who you are

Go and run
Run as far as you can
And as far as you wish
I will keep you close at sight
Go where your heart desires
Expand beyond your senses

When you cool down
Come to me baby
Let me fully embrace you
Say nothing
Let your greatness shines
I can fully appreciate
You do not need any approval
I give you all my love
To be who you are

Running away
And remember your way back home
Someone is waiting
Someone is searching
Someone is missing
Someone is caring
Someone is loving
Remember to come home baby

Let me bring you somewhere else
If I may
A path of spiritual growth
A path of meaning and purpose
A path of love and joy

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