Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

06 August 2012

Be Human

At least there is a gentle soul.

10 months.
Business development.
Market development.
Clients Relationship.
Product development.
Market leadership.
Brand interviews.
Brand write-up.
Quality contents.
Editorial direction.
Creative direction. 
Design direction.
Timely delivery.

The work could be intense.
For the love of it.

Sept Issue
is about promise to be delivered.
Standards to uphold.
The world is full of people who talk 
and do differently.
Clients are watching silently.
A commitment.
No matter what.
Complete story.

Finish the messages.
I was very sick.
Cannot walk.
Only water.

Carrot & sticks does not work for me.
It kills the passion.
Creativity stops.
Spirit cries. 

Serious body pain.
To carry the voice of many
to the marketplace in time.
Against all odds.

What is this all about?

When I look back, 
I have given all my heart and my love.
Nothing in return
could keep me surviving.
The world is beyond cruelty.
I am out of the body many times.
Only spirit sustains me.
Something bigger than myself.

I have come to the spiritual closure of this collection.
But I think you are a gentle soul.
A little humanity could travel far.

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