Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

13 August 2012

New Rhythm of Life

This morning
And very sharply
I browse through something I like
Send out an introduction email
With powerful headline
Someone call me within an hour or less
Amongst 800 replies
Something about my email 
Caught his attention right away
It carry the weight
To really appear to the very senior executive
About a serious subject
Something important that should not be ignored
Action is needed to a real business leader/entrepreneur
Opportunity is right here right now
Depends on if you could catch the right moment 
In the moment 
For the moment 
That is it

When all the doors are closed 
Build a door instead

Now I got it
I learned a big and painful lesson recently
It totally changes my perspective
About who I wanted to work with 
And the meaning of work
Without this
I find it hard to engage
If this is not the love of your work
And if you are not going to put 
100% of your energy into it
'Accomplish or do not begin'
This is my Motto

I am grateful 
Along the line
A great leader appears 
Something is different about this marketing and network
People want you to be successful 
And grow together
Leadership is called upon 
Very much so

I connect deeply 
With the group energy
It's a new rhythm of life
Suddenly there is a beautiful opening
Keep the faith light 

After checking it out
This is something I have done 20 years ago
Now something reminds me deeply
The system is proven
With innovative product offerings
Should be something very exciting
People business
Leadership quality is very much called upon
The rise and fall of it
A new rhythm of life

Let me feel my way home
I am taking a bit of time to pause
For clarity 

Feeling a rush of getaway excitement
At home with Holland family
To experience the beauty of Fall

New rhythm of life
Focus on what is important only
Let go stress 
Let go worry 
Let go much of everything
For a new season

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