Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 August 2012

Turning Into Power

A compelling idea
Turning disappointment into empowerment
From pain into power
Now I want a total turnaround
There is a real power within 

No more anger
No more frustration 
No more feeling bad
Turning an experience into power

Be Love Now
Be The Movement
Your spirit speaks so much about you
With every breath you take 
How it turns into an idea
How an idea blossoms
How the seeds of greatness
Make a humble cause flourishes
Build a momentum into thinking
Turn all the thinking principles into living practices
Align you with higher purpose
Every brand needs a soul
Let love in
Let soul touch
Let your voice speaks 
What is your brand message
How do you want to show up in the world
And powerfully

You are the sky
All the little challenges is like little crowds
Flying here and there
Some sunny days
Some rainy days 
Some typhoon days
Some funny days
All shall pass 
The sunrise will not pass you by
Turning into power

I find a little smile 
Like a long lost love
Suddenly see some silver lining
Follow my heart
Listen to that instinct voice
From Success to Significance
From Story to Human Spirit
Turning into power

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