Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

13 August 2012

Letting Go

Letting go 
Feels so good so right 
I no longer need to carry the world responsibility 
For nothing

Carrot & sticks 
Does not work for me
It kills my passion
My creativity stops 
My soul cries
My heart aches
I am out of balance

Being a spiritual warrior 
I fight for the meaning of my life
I uphold great values in dignity & integrity 
And fights it with my life
Sometime it may mean
I fire myself
For some direction that I will take a break
Because without these values
You are nothing
No character 
No leadership 
No one

Letting go 
Feels so good so right 
A dream is realized
An experience that hard to ignore
Collectors/fans world wide
I am satisfied

Letting go 
Just feel so good so right
A tough decision 
Being respected by others

No more nightmare
No more burning midnight oil
Only for the love of it
That passion will continue somewhere
That gift will be shared elsewhere 
A better place
A better platform
To a better audience base

Letting go 
Is just so good so right 

You know it 
When you need to let go 

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