Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 August 2012

Spiritual Warrior

In total surrender 
To the most deepest level of your heart
The most deserving
The most unconditional love
The most eternal
The most richest spirit
For a good fight
A meaningful fight

It's time 
Coming to the end
It's time to totally let-go
Knowing that 
You have given it all
Nothing to be sorry
But moving on

A good fight 
Has stretched you 
To become more humble
To safeguard what is important 
To protect your character
With dignity and integrity
If the world does not agree
It's okay 
Not to be someone else
Just be you
Nothing else matter
But you

What is this all about?
A Spiritual Warrior
A journey of awakening
A journey of growth & mastery
To the most loving beautiful eternal soul
The pain has awaken your spirit
Make you come alive

Be here 
And now
One breath at a time

A new mission
To fulfill the deepest meaning of life
With deep love and passion 
For a new creation
A new collection
A new vision

A Spiritual Warrior 
Fear Not
Ever eternal 
Ever bright
Ever powerful
Ever courageous
To be you 

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