Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

23 August 2012


By now
I just need to love myself

To find the little girl that has run away
A girl with a dream
She was being abandon, beaten and hurt deeply
As if she is not good enough
As if she is not loved enough
As if she is being rejected
As if something is not right with her
A lot of inner healing work to do
To reconnect with the lost soul at the deeper level

I need to give her full attention, affection & appreciation
I need to fully embrace and accept her
For all the good, the bad and the ugly
and all the imperfection
She is just doing her very best 
to love deeply
to love unconditionally 
to love genuinely
Sometimes she feels that 
she does not belong to this world
Being aware of what is going on
it also brings to her awareness
the emotional pains that she needs to feel deeply
as she gives the world 
the whole heart of herself
and does not hold back

She has strong belief that 
if it is worth doing, 
she will give 1000% 
and see how far it could go
Her own standard obviously creates some pain
for the unfavorable result

She is running away right now
She is back to the nature
She is hiding
She is reflecting
She is taking it all
She is strong
She will be back
Bigger & stronger

I care for her every moment
I need to be at her side
I need to do what she wants me to do
I need to love her
And she is born with many gifts
I believe so
I never give up on her
She needs time and space
I am with her now
She will be outrageous again

Takes a little time
When you really love deep

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