Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

07 August 2012

In Appreciation of 'A Little Black Book'

Managing Editor's Final Note
By Bengie Mont

In Appreciation of 'A Little Black Book' ~
Your Life, Your Legacy

What is this journey all about?
It's a journey of personal development, walk my life path, and see what talents, gifts and values, when putting into a higher intention, could really help in rebranding of a corporate magazine into a luxury lifestyle magazine turnaround. It is a rebranding project, filling the gap of what is missing in the marketplace for high intellectual people, to appreciate lifestyle and timeless wisdom in brand leadership in the marketplace. It's a special collection for the private library of many senior executives. Breathing into the classic and true beauty, a simple yet unforgettable luxury. Its authentic and innovative collection.

How this idea is first developed?
Coming from strong media background, I cry over the commercial value of survival, more than anything else. The average life span for a luxury magazine is less than 30 days. A sense of fashion and style may bury our senses, but something deeper than this face value must be the whole essence of it. I keep on asking myself, what is the collection value? Why people must collect this? How could I create something of tremendous value, and people want to keep it as long as they live, or as long as if they remember, they would like to go back to visit the whole reading pleasure, again and again. And the most important thing is - how this could help them apply in their business and life? What is the inspiration behind that keep them aware and beyond being a fan? With many strong whys and whats, I definitely will find out how to do it. It's within my deep knowing and higher consciousness. I know I am the instrument of this message. Creator of a private collection, to fulfill many souls and hearts who are open, and looking for another option to express and present, and to communicate and engage their target group at a much higher conscious level, directly or indirectly. The residual value of the collection becomes a strong desire and attachment to the same energy vibration of people that they would like to be associated with, knowing that they are part of something bigger and meaningful, beyond self. No one could ever take away any of this belongings. Its a deep sense of knowing. You want to be part of it. A journey to look within towards enlightenment, empowerment, inspiration and love with open hearts and souls.

What is this for primary? What is it that you want to achieve?
This is catered for brand leaders who are open, and willing to pass on knowledge and insights on practical tips, tools and wisdom, on why they are doing what they do. Essentially what makes them different from others in the marketplace. A lot of leadership qualities, some are inborn, some are further developed at a later stage, sharing their passion for life that they love and appreciate. The readers who are mainly the senior executives are looking for a new perspective, an inspiration and true collection of wisdom from their peers, whom they could look up for. Seeing things with new eyes. An edge.

What is your voice?
A kindred, strong and powerful soul hungers for something deeper, wanted to be an instrument of timeless wisdom, inspiration and fulfillment, connecting the West to the East and vice versa, balancing a life of worthy goals and simple beauty. A soulful living for what you stand for, a bigger purpose. If something is worth collectible, it has to be appreciated and allow what the residual value will bring in time to come. 

How do you want to express your voice?
The voice is expressed softly and gently in many forms of communication. Passion in writing when the spirit flow through and to me, simple prayers from a compassionate heart, a genuine interest for growth and expansion, and love beyond self. A life worthy of living when you give it all, a sense of prosperity consciousness knowing that you have so much to give. Trusting the spirit being appreciated, on the road to your true life path. With courage and compassion for self. Breathe in deep and slow, one at a time, and let the Universe provide what you need. 

What is the next manifestation?
It will come with time. Nothing to rush. Only here and now. One step at a time.

What are the challenges faced? How do you go about it?
The work is not difficult. The challenges mainly come from how your work is being received and perceived in the marketplace, who are the open souls that believe in you and your new approach, appreciate and keep your work continue. This is more than surviving issues, despite of market challenge, who appreciate but do not want to commit in goodwill exchange as this is a very new approach. This goodwill energy cap keep you travel only so far, without the commercial value of being profitable, the project is bound to fall at some point in time. Not many people are telling the truth. A lot of fear energy facing uncertainty. A calming mind and feel deeply from moment to moment is important to realign myself in facing the challenges. Thinking about the survival issue will not sustain this collection. It's a charitable spirit, deep passion in believing something will travel far and near, even after I have gone for long.

How do you balance your business sense and collection value?
A genuine appreciation for true beauty and simplicity - in writing and presentation for what is a priceless collection. A new way to express your voice, is the only way to bring the utmost knowingness and beings, beyond financial success, fame or fortune. A collection value must be a test of time. Appreciation of collection will increase the residual value of the branding and business value from time to time.

How do you see this project prosper?
Higher self will guide me on the next step.

How have your collection travel so far?
Finishing the first collection is a true test. A lot of creativity and innovation involved. It is a manifestation of higher intention and possibility and openness. Dare to take the road less traveled. Many empowering and enlightening market feedback, you know that when you couldn't stop at this stage. You carry the hope of many.

Finishing the second collection is a true fulfillment. Marketplace is looking for consistency in service, quality and brand experience. Many fans come from all corners of the world. Its a flow of true abundance for collectors. The message begins to travel to the right ears and eyes.

To finish the third collection is a promise I must deliver. A commitment. Something beyond self. Many brand leaders aspire to pass on their winning spirit to travel even further, I must be part of their winning journey. A mission to complete, with high note.

What do you learn the most?
I have stepped into something so big that I couldn't imagine at the first place. I did not know what I am up to. Over time, from connecting with one soul to another, you learn never to underestimate your own power and ability. If you are pushed to the edge, sometimes you fly. The lesson? Trusting and listening to your heart, let you true divinity shines. A journey of deep fulfillment. Many opening hearts and souls, allowing their love and light to shine with each other. A Little Black Book is manifested and destined to travel far. It sees a niche in the marketplace, nothing like this before ever seen.

How do you uplift the highest standard of your work?
The work is intense and focused. Accomplish or do not begin. A life of a creator, be true to your emotional state and let it works for you. A private space for creativity, freedom for inspiration, breathe deep and slow to move through all the resistance, with tons of unconditional love and compassion for self and others, who have come to my life, long before my true manifestation for a reason. I am going to find out the truth in time to come. I believe your work may be forgotten, but who you are as a person will be remembered. Living truthfully takes a lot of courage, trust and confidence in doing what you do.

What is your final note?
I wanted to record my appreciation for the brand leaders that I have interviewed, where I got the first hand information and insights. There are many angels who have come to my life for a reason to be part of this journey. I am totally grateful. You know who you are. What's more you have become an inspiration to others, where they could stand on your shoulder, to look up on you for classic wisdom and source of aspiration, to walk their own true path, and be light to others. Thank you for being part of this collection. Your voice will travel far and deep. Your life, your legacy. It's beyond self. I love you. 

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