Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 August 2012

Antenna For Danger

Meeting with ladies this morning
A business owner in beauty business
That I may be able to help in many ways
We discuss some possibilities
And helping the lady to think big
After 10 years of operation
This may be a good timing of breakthrough
She needs some motivation
To dream again
And find a bigger purpose
Other than money achievement
I love the women empowerment
I always do
This is my deep passion
Besides the deep love for writing

Towards the end
There is a man sitting next to our table
Constantly pay attention to our discussion
When I am on my way to the washroom
The man makes a move and follows me
I was shocked and turnaround
Questioning his intention
Antenna for danger is up
A security guide passes by
The man disappears
It takes me a few minutes to be cool
And ask the security guide to accompany me
For a little while
Just in case the man appears again
For about a minute
I am back to the deep calm again

The antenna for danger is up
For the environment surroundings
For the people passing by
Anything life threatening
Security and safety is number one priority
Be very aware of what is going on

And grateful
When you are protected and blessed
For another beautiful and healthy day

Live larger than yourself
There is a great way of finding your life purpose
Find a great cause that is close to your heart
Another way of giving back to society
Live your meaningful life
This may be the last day on earth
What is it that you want to leave behind
How do you want to be remembered
Besides a beautiful soul
The soul meaning and you
A little to think about

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